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Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Here's the clock itself (yes for the eagle eyed, there is a gear missing - it had fallen on the floor and I didn't
notice when I took the picture - but it's back in place now!)

Here is the mini album cover comlete with tiny working pocket watch

Here are a couple of pages from the mini album. I loved the edginess of these papers. Quite feminine but with a hint of something a bit dark. Quirky!

Dear Reader

Well here I am again. Back in the world of blog. I have so much to record I don't know where to start but I thought I better start somewhere! Good news is I have a new camera - still learning how to use it but got the basics now and am clicking away again. I've missed my blogging but Christmas, illness, busyness and etc etc blah blah excuses excuses !!!
Anyway, here is a project I did over the Christmas period. Yes, still a great fan of Laura Denison's work. I thought this project of hers was particularly lovely and I really enjoyed putting it together. There's not a lot of 'me' in it - just embellished slightly differently from Laura's original and I know some people get sniffy at that, but I loved the challenge of making it and am still marvelling I finished it! I did make my clock a working one by adding a little tiny pocket watch that I bought on eBay for a couple of quid. It came from out East so took a while to arrive but I was so pleased with it when it did! The pocket watch is attached to the mini album that is contained inside the clock but shows through the hole. You can (if you run up to the clock and peer hard enough) read the time which is quite handy for always late me. Handy in the sense that I can't usually see the time and panic!
In the end I didn't use most of the embellishments I sent for for the clock. Typical! Instead I went to Primark's sale after Christmas and bought a few metal jewellery pieces like the butterflies and birds. I looked for quirky! I wanted to bring out the Debutante angle rather than industrial steampunk. My other steampunk bits have come in for other projects and now - sigh - my Graphic 45 steampunk debutante paper is all but gone. But it's been a blast using it!
Thanks for looking.


  1. And she enters the room with a cog whirring bang !!!!!! OMG, please wait a sec whilst I pick my jaw up off the floor, this is just stunning !!! I have no idea how you managed to craft such a beauty in the midst of all you have been through in the last couple of months, but you certainly have done yourself proud, this is fab. Laura is such an inspiration and I for one never get sniffy about following guides, I am just grateful there are so many brilliant artists to inspire us ! On a different note entirely - thankyou for the recommendation, I rang them yesterday and their kindness reduced me to tears - please thank Moz for me for - his input was very much appreciated and also thankyou to you for always being such a loyal and kind support, much love ( tracey now leaves the room before welling up yet again lol) xxx

  2. Ooops forgot to say WELCOME back I missed your posts, you always make me smile ( sometimes I even have to cross my legs lol) loving the new photos with your new camera xxx

  3. Anne, this is lovely!

    I love those papers, and the clock is great too.

    Glad to see you back. I hope you are feeling better.

  4. This is absolutely stunning Anne, I love the cute little mini pocket watch. I bet it'll look gorgeous on your wall or wherever it's home is going to be. I bet it looks even more impressive in real life. Anita xx

  5. Hi Anne, I am back again lol I have an award for you on my blog xxx

  6. wow how busy have you been the watch is lovely & worth waiting for, it's so nice to see you,ve been doing a little crafting.see you soon Janet

  7. So pleased your back blogging Anne missed your posts. Love the clock and your mini album it beautiful love the papers . hope you and Maurice are ol xxx