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Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Dear Reader

Well, it's nearly here! I've finished work for the year, the decs are up, the food's in the fridge and we're ready to party. We've been practising already(!) so I thought I'd post a few pix of Christmas hats I've seen over the last couple of weeks. First up are the hats from our pre-Christmas Christmas family lunch and the later ones are from a get-together. I love christmas hats!

Here's Maurice's which was a slightly tight fit

Chloe, Richard and Ebony sporting theirs

Me in one I bought from The Range with mum and decorated up
with snowflakes and a snowman from one of last year's cards

Nina and her hat which moved and danced. Totally awesome!

Jacqui wearing two hats. One just wasn't enough. The first is a Rudolph Reindeer - you can just see
his red nose and antlers. The second was from our crackers which contained bells which if we all rang them
when directed would have played a Christmas carol. Unfortunately, we just didn't make it happen but had fun trying!

and finally Helen with lovely antlers. Helen's leaving town as she's got a job as the video editor for the News of the World. Yes, we did all the jokes! I shall miss her.


  1. Lovely hats Anne Happy New Year 2011, hope you got your camera. Janet

  2. Whats going on - no new posts, hope all s well Anne, I know you are extremely busy but hope you aren't doing too much, see you soon, take care xxx