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Monday, 6 December 2010


Dear Reader

Reverb 10 - Day 6
Prompt = Make. What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make but you need to clear some time for?

Phew! An easy one and no angst today. But first I'm posting the last thing Maurice made, a masterpiece of culinary genius. We had lamb for Sunday dinner yesterday and I was saying how much I loved Shepherds Pie but never seemed to have the time to make it these days (perhaps being truthful the lure of crafty projects is a bit stronger than culinary ones but anyway.....). When I got in from work tonight here's the surprise that was waiting. What a guy, what a pie! I took a picture (discovered camera is not completely kapput - takes one pic before switching itself off) as I thought I could use it in my 'Days of Christmas' book that's all in my head but not yet on paper (something I want to make but need to make time for). You're probably wondering why this picture would fit in a book on Christmas. Well I know it's tenuous but I'm thinking Shepherds lol I told Maurice who wondered if we'd be eating King (geddit) Prawns later in the week !!!

Below the pie is my latest crafty effort, a star mini book for Maurice's son Maurice (yes, the entire family seem to be called Maurice. Shout Maurice at his mother's house and you can fill a room instantly). Maurice Jnr has a son Adam (had to break with tradititionsomewhere!) and he adores him, as dad's do.. As we all do in fact as he's such a cutie. I thought I'd make him a mini brag book, somewhere to store some picture memories of his son growing up.

It was a quick book to make as it was fresh in my mind from a project class Tracey taught at RWS. This one used some papers I bought from the shop (sorry can't remember the make but there's some left) and the rest of the stuff is from my stash, just chipboard, bits, bobs and buttons that shouted out to be used. I wanted the book to be in bright cheerful colours as kids always love them. I'm not normally a fan of yellow but I think it works here.

And now away to finally start that Christmas book.......


  1. mmmmmmmmm, keep crafting, let Maurice do the cooking, it looks YUMMY!! x

  2. Yum yum, do you hire Maurice out ? that pie looks incredibly delish, love your young and cute version of the star book Anne , it looks fantastic and I am sure it will be very much treasured xxx
    Oh and by the way in case anyone wants to know the papers are by TPC studio xxx

  3. Wow Maurice lay another setting next time please ( who doesn't love the Shephard I Pie-ped up haha) and the mini brag book is lovely too.