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Sunday, 31 January 2010


Here's my very first Challenge card. It's for Friday Sketchers and the Magnolia 'hearts and flowers' challenge. Thanks to Lorraine for the stamp and to Nicki for the sentiment and to Tracey for the inks and the flowers. You are all very kind and I appreciate the help and encouragement. I did supply my own card! Hopefully I can repay the compliment to you all in the coming weeks.

I coloured in the image with Ranger distress inks, the papers are K & Company and all the embellishments from my stash.
Also check out the following for a chance to win a Willow stamp. Also check out Jane's cards - which are quite simply lovely.

Saturday, 30 January 2010


Dear Reader
It's Saturday night so just a bit of fun. You've probably gathered that I'm an avid internet window shopper. In particular I love jewellery and love checking out new designers.

I recently checked out a site of a national award winning jeweller called Katie Rowland and was amazed at what I found. One bespoke ring in particular caught my eye. The idea is that if you meet someone you'd like to give your contact details to, you whip your ring off your finger, rummage in your bag for your mini inker (which comes with the ring). stamp up onto a piece of paper and the following appears "Ring me 01472 54321" or whatever your tel number happens to be. How cool! You can also get rings that spell out VICE, VIRTUE or PLEASURE although quite why you'd suddenly get the urge to stamp any of those words I don't know. Might be handy I suppose if you're stuck for a sentiment in class! Anyway, if you're feeling very flush take a look at the website - go to Purchase followed by Rings and Knuckledusters. Yes, apparently knuckledusters are the latest thing, although I still won't be buying one when they appear in Next. For one thing how could you cut out Tracey's intricate designs with a knuckleduster on lol BUT A WORD OF WARNING... If you're easily offended then stay away. It's not my intention to shock or offend people. There were a couple of ring titles on the site that made my eyes bobble a bit and I'm not easily shocked. As granny would say "Things you see when you haven't got your gun." I'm thinking it's been done deliberately - people talk and it's good publicity - but still a bit unnecessary in my view. If you can get past them (and you'll know instantly the ones I mean) then the rest of collection is pretty fun and funky......

Also check out on my blog (down the right hand side) the "Which Jane Austen heroine are you?" quiz. Just a bit of fun. Wasn't surprised to find out I was Marianne Dashwood. Lots of sensibility and not much sense!! Love to know who you turn out to be. Leave me a comment and let's see how close to your character they get!

Friday, 29 January 2010


Here's the second part of the blog. About a year ago out of the blue I got a phone call at work from an Icelandic man called Olafur Hallddrsson. He had tracked me down to talk about "Fishermen - The Rise and Fall of Deep Water Trawling". Oli, as he has come to be known, came from a little town on the North-West peninsula of Iceland called Isafjordur, a community of just 4,000 people. The town had traditionally relied on the fishing and prawn industry but because of dwindling natural resources had had to re-think itself. As Oli said it was "a resourceful little town" and so they thought. And thought. And what did they come up with? They built a university! Anyhows, Oli was doing an MA through his little town's university (apparently no matter where you study in Iceland you can tap into national lectures, talk to your professor and so on, which is very cool) and he wanted to know whether Austin and I would have any objection to the book being translated by him and possibly published in Iceland. I was amazed. The book had been published 12 years previously, had only had a very small print run at the time and I thought it had just disappeared into obscurity. It wasn't even in the pound bin at Wilkos! Of course we said 'yes' and ever since Oli and I have been corresponding about this and that to do with the book.

What brought all this in mind for the blog was an email from Oli a few days ago, asking me if I could help him with a bit of translation. He wanted to know the 'deeper meaning' for the idiom, "There's nowt as queer as folk". Now there's a favourite granny saying if ever there was one. Coincidence, fate that he should write just at the moment when I'm looking at old sayings I don't know but I thought I'd share this story with you. I've written back to Oli to say that the saying is just a northern one and there isn't any deep meaning. Rather, it's just a comment on human behaviour in any situation that strikes you as odd or strange. It struck me how odd and strange life is sometimes, how coincidental too.

Monday, 25 January 2010


I don't know if you're allowed to write a two part blog but as there's no one here to tell me I can't here's the first part....

My grandma would say, quite sharply, when anyone changed the conversation from one she'd obviously been enjoying "And what's that got to do with the price of fish?" Well, this first blog is necessary as a prelude to the second so bear with me!

Many, many moons ago I worked at the National Fishing Heritage Centre and was approached by my friend Austin Mitchell to do a joint book. "Fishermen - The Rise and Fall of Deep Water Trawling" was born and I spent my spare time during the new few months on my part of the project, tracking down and visiting ex fishermen in Fleetwood, Hull and Grimsby, to interview them. The world I entered was very much a man's one and to begin with the fishermen were suspicious and tacit. But I found that if I smiled, nodded encouragingly, sat back, listened and didn't interrupt (yes, that bit was hard!) they would open up and once started their stories would flow out like a turned-on tap. It was sometimes boring, sometimes fascinating but mostly good fun. I stayed in Fleetwood above a Spanish restaurant, helped by a lovely lady who took time out from her dog breeding (I seem to remember poodles?) and helped me track down stories there. I trawled round the multi storey flats in Hull to find fishermen, often fearing for my car tyres. One flat in particular I will never forget. I was transfixed by the decor. The tiny front room was full to the gunnels with Spanish dancing dolls - on chairs, on walls, on shelves, on the tv, on the carpet. A huge fireplace fought for attention with the dolls, painted bright red, the bricks simulated by using bright yellow paint for the mortar. Flaming Flamenco! But I digress. The oral testamonies of the fishermen were typed up and edited, we collected up photos from the fishermen themselves or found good ones in the Welholme Galleries photographic collection (a wonderful local pictorial resource). The book was published (only a small print run but wow there it was in print) and we had a great lauch party with all the contributing fishermen coming to the Heritage Centre to celebrate. Actually they all ended up on the pub moored next to the Centre and I had to send in Father McMahon to get them off before they got totally plastered and the old rivalries between ports caused an upset bigger than the Cod Wars!

All in all it was a fascinating experience and an honour to speak to all these men - many now with chronic disease brought about through years of fishing - and record orally their memories of an industry now dead and gone and yet so central to our town's heritage. In part the book had been sparked by someone bringing in to Austin a journal they'd found in their attic of an anonymous fishermen and his life at sea. So next time you're stuck for a bit of journalling remember it really is worth trying to get some words down to go with the pictures as in years to come it will help to tell a tale! And perhaps include your name somewhere on the back! Anyway, included at the front of this anonymous journal was the following poem which says it all really.


The price of fish is very dear,

Two hundred men were lost last year.

Two hundred men in a watery grave,

That was the price, the price they gave.

Up in the land of the midnight sun,

Where the endless fight is never done.

Tired and weary, drenched and cold,

They strive to fill the iced up hold.

And many a man's gone over the rail

Lost in the teeth of an Arctic gale.

I only hope my point is clear,

the price of fish is VERY dear.

Sunday, 24 January 2010


Just a short blog. Not done any crafting today as still not on very good terms with my teeth! I've tried giving them a good talking to but they're still making me feel out of sorts. So here's a website with great stuff I like to 'get my teeth into', to cheer myself up when I'm feeling down. Heavens, I'll be turning into Maria in a minute and singing 'My Favourite Things'. I'd make a passable nun - stop laughing - but I'm not sure about producing all those little outfits out of a pair of Dunelm curtains. Anyway, if you like 'retro and roses and windmills 'n kittens' etc, take a peek. I love the fabrics, the handmade mirrors and the 'paper planes' range, especially the coffee mug with the postcard coaster which turns into a 'warmer' (loving the multi purpose idea but what do you stand the coffee on whilst the coaster is on top of the mug!?). I've dealt with the 'crafty' lady who owns this company and she was great. I was doing an event and needed to bulk buy vintage buckets and spades, ice cream bubbles, windmills, sandcastle flags and fortune-telling fish like er yesterday and nothing was too much trouble. They arrived like er yesterday, the quality was great and she gave me a generous discount for a bulk order. I feel really bad that I've forgotten her name. Could be Julia. (I'm so terrible with names and the worst of it is if I don't know someone's name I make it up. What sense is there in that? Actually Julia could be made up.) Anyway, what I'm getting to is that I found them a good company to deal with and one favour deserves another (as granny would say) so I'm passing their website on to you my blogging buddies.......

Friday, 22 January 2010


If anyone's looked in on my blog this week and found - well - nothing new I do apologise. I was aiming to be fairly regular with my blogging. However, remember how I said right at the beginning of this blog that 2010 was going to be about finding something positive every day, even on a day when I went to the dentist? Well, I've certainly had my work cut out testing that baby out this week. To be short, I got an abscess in my mouth on Monday which caused my face to swell horrifically overnight so that by Tuesday I resembled a crazed chipmunk. Wouldn't have been too bad if I'd had a dentist but I was, what you might call, between dentists. So this week I've been trying out various medical facilities in the town and do you know what, without exception, they've all been marvellous. First port of call emergency dentist in Osborne Street. Slightly worrying that there was a security guard on the door but apparently he wasn't there to stop me escaping. Very kind, efficient, gave me some antibiotics and told me to rest hot tea on my cheek. Fair enough, not good at balancing but willing to give it a go. Second port of call doctors for painkillers. Saw a French doctor who was unbelievably tender and oooh la la'd and clucked at the sight of my chipmunkian features and said I might warrant yet more antibiotic. Third port of call was my new hastily appointed dentist Mr Crossgates, Traingates or similar.Bit dazed as on painkillers by now and everything a blur. I know it wasn't Bill Gates. Anyway, Mr Sidegates apparently works one day a month in a hospital in France. Didn't go into detail as he was lancing me at the time. But I'm liking the French connection - made me feel very EU. That's European Union not 'Effing Unbelievable'. Mr Frontgates has now given me more drugs, told me to put frozen peas on my cheek (will make a nice change from the tea) and the promise of root canal treatment next Friday once my face is, as he put it, flat again. I've always been a bit of a chipmunk so I hope he's not expecting miracles! And to be honest the only canals I've ever wanted to see are the ones in Venice. And when the neighbours walk past and look in I can see them thinking "Wouldn't it be quicker if she defrosted her peas in the microwave". But, let's be positive. I've had excellent treatment everywhere I've been, met some lovely people and there is hope that my tooth may be saved. And Maurice has been an absolute treasure of a paramedic, cooking me scrambled egg. passing me painkillers, tea and peas and filling my hottie. But of course, as grandma would have said, 'abscess makes the heart grow fonder'. I'm sure it was something like that anyway....

Sunday, 17 January 2010


Two shopping stories. I've been looking everywhere for a deep frame that I could put a scrapbook page in. Wouldn't work for all pages but I thought some would make a really nice, different, picture for a room and of course you can change it as and when you like with different layouts. Anyhow, struggled to find anything at a good price that was deep enough to take a page that was heavily embellished. Then I came across this Ribba frame at IKEA. It's £13.99 which I think is a good buy and comes in different colours. A 12" x 12" layout just fits inside the mount (which is ph neutral). I bought two, put in matching pages that I did at an RWS class, added some journal prompts and bob's your uncle. If you're looking at the picture and wondering why Maurice is holding it it's because the light kept bouncing off the glass when I tried to photograph it. It's not how we normally display our art as obviously it would make his arms ache after a bit! You, of course, could hang yours on a wall! Anyways, just an idea........

My other purchase today was a wildly expensive le Creuset casserole dish. In the sale, with another 20% off but still expensive. Cooked up a really big batch of bolognaise last night, put it in the oven to cook out and when I came back after the chicken timer had rung and Maurice had reminded me that it had rung, the glass lid had shattered and imploded into the bolognaise. Wot a mess! I should explain that I lost my original wedding present le Creuset casserole in my divorce. My ex Tony got custody and I didn't even get access!! I've been through three cheap casseroles since. I'm obviously hard on casseroles! Anyway, enough is enough and I took my flexible friend (no this is not the new name I decided on for Maurice) into town and now am the owner of a brand spanking new turquoise oval le Creuset casserole dish. Let's hope I don't need to use the lifetime guarantee!

We were all reminiscing yesterday at the impromptu crop at Runnning With Scissors about sayings that your granny used I thought it would be a bit of fun to finish my blogs with an appropriate granny-like comment and see how long I can find something appropriate without repeating myself. But today I'm torn between two, "You get what you pay for" and "Never Spend a Penny When a Ha'Penny Will Do". I think my granny would have gone for the latter!

Friday, 15 January 2010


Just a short blog tonight. I'm zapped. So many deadlines I've put a deadline on the deadlines!! Have to go to a meeting on the next 5 year transport plan for the area on Monday morning and got to brush up on Grimsby's Town Masterplan before I do. If anyone has any traffic bugbears in the town - and I could be opening up Pandora's box here! - then leave a comment and I'll make sure it gets raised. Anything - no matter how small. My personal bugbear is traffic lights that aren't timed properly. You know, the ones that only let two cars through before they go red again. I'm going to find out who is the traffic light God is and how he makes his decisions!

It's a bit late for the photo I've posted as it's actually my mum's crystal tree from Christmas but as most of you know I'd have Christmas all year if I could, so here's a bit of festive cheer for you. My mum, Jean, loves glass and especially crystal. She used to hang her crystal ornaments from curly twigs - twisted hazel - that she's grown from really tiny beginnings in her garden. But she wanted something different. I found her this 'tree' and thought it would be just the thing as it's plain but sparkly white with lots of 'twigs' to hang the ornaments. Anyway, here it is in all it's glory. I think her crystal ornaments look lovely. And to go with it here's a picture of my mum on Christmas Day, looking very festive in her red blouse.

Thursday, 14 January 2010


Dear Reader

Apologies for the lack of blogging. I've not been idle, just being creative during the evening in a different way putting together a 'Harry Potter' or as I'm calling it, a Hairy Pitta evening. This year Grimsby Auditorium and the Northern Lincolnshire Business Awards will be turned into Hogawards School of Industry and Business and we'll be looking for companies to reward in the Chamber of Success' Room of Recognition. I've been having great fun putting together a Dinner menu, entertainment and show. I'll keep you posted. Or should I say blogged.

Today I had to go for some test results, flu jabs and general MOT at the docs. Dread it. Everytime you go they find something else wrong with you. I don't know if anyone else does this (probably not) but if there's something I really don't want to do I drag my heels until I make myself late and then have to go like the clappers because I feel guilty that I'm keeping whoever it is waiting. (If anyone's reading this and thinking last time I met them I was late and that's because I didn't want to be there that isn't the case - I'm actually mostly late everywhere - just that it seems to be worse if I don't want to go). Anyway, this morning wasn't helped as when I got in the car to drive like the clappers it turned out my watch was actually 10 minutes slow so I was in real trouble. Especially as I then followed a hay lorry (where did that come from at this time of year!!?) for a couple of miles. So, screeched to halt outside docs in bad mood, majorly late and convinced my blood pressure must be sky high. Attacked the stairs like a mountain goat, pressed all the buttons on the new signy in screeny thingy hoping to goodness someone with pig flu hadn't used it before me and got called in to see Nurse Tammy. Yes, the flu jab nurse at our practice is called Tammy. Priceless! Turns out, try as they might, they couldn't find anything wrong with me today. So we talked a bit about low fat diets, exercise, sugar levels and of course before long we were talking cupcakes which was much more interesting. I said mine were actually paper so really good for people on diets and what do you know turns out Nurse Tammy is a crafter. Now I'm lending her my cupcake template and we're swopping websites and everything. So just for Nurse Tammy here's a picture of a finished cupcake. This 'be good to yourself' cupcake can be filled with 'what the heck enjoy yourself' chocolates or other treats if you wish... Of course, Nurse Tammy, mine will be filled with lettuce!

Sunday, 10 January 2010


Dear Reader
Three cards on the same theme. Well actually four if you count yesterday's. Think I'm stuck in a groove like one of Woody's records.There's a defiite leaning towards circles in my cards at the moment. All due to a new circle cutter that arrived at Christmas which is seeing good service. I'm also liking squares, as you'll see that all the cards are - well - square. Variety may be the spice of life but repetition does make it easier! Especially when there's a few to do. The stamp is a recent purchase from RWS. I bought it one day when I wasn't wearing my glasses and was surprised to see when I got home that the pattern on the dress is actually apples. Probably not something I'd have gone for if I'd known as it is kind of autumny but hey ho once they're coloured in it's quite pretty. Can't bring myself to colour them in anything but red - I don't want her to look like Granny Smith! I've just started collecting distress inks and only have three at the moment so I've coloured in the stamped designs with Sekura pens and just used Tim Holtz for the skin. At one point I was in danger of giving Andrea (that's what I've called her - Andrea Apple) as red a face as the apples on her dress but managed to tone it down so she is a true 'Pink Lady'!

We've had a really laid back weekend after a hectic week and have been enjoying ourselves indoors. Made some soup and a stew for the week and caught up on a few chores. Also finally got rid of my death trap trip hazard slippers and purchased new sale 'bargains'. Discovered these fit but are a strange lilac shade which goes with nothing else in my entire wardrobe. I do struggle with slippers. Anyway, as I sashayed in my new slippers through the living room yesterday afternoon, where Moz was dozing in front of the telly, I glanced at the screen where someone was being interviewed in the World Darts Championship. Couldn't believe my eyes when Batman suddenly wandered past in the background. I can tell you I was seriously worried for my sanity!Pressed rewind on the tele (isn't it clever the way that works) and to my relief it was Batman. An aged and portly Batman but definitely Batman. Went back to real time and then Elvis and a Space Alien filtered past behind camera! What is going on? Is this normal or are World Darts saving money and sharing the Lakeside with a fancy dress convention? Anyway, sure made me laugh!

Saturday, 9 January 2010


Dear Reader

Here is a fun birthday card I've just made for my daughter Chloe's partner, David. AKA Woody. Woody's great passion in life, apart from Chloe and his pet lizard Gus, is his music decks. He just loves them. He's started to get odd gigs now but like most stuff in life when you're the 'new boy' his spot tends to be at the most unpopular time. Recently Woody had a gig at Willies but he wasn't on until 3.30 am. Chloe had a dancing exam the next day but being a dedicated partner went to bed early, set her alarm for 2.30 am and popped along to see his spot before hitting the sack again to make up her 8 hours. Oh! to be that young with that much energy. Anyway, here's to DJ Woody who's following his dreams. Happy Birthday!
Maurice just popped his head round the door as I was uploading the picture of my two girls onto the blog. He pointed out that it looked from Chloe and Alice's scarves and jumpers as though we were living in Ice Cube Cottage, Shiver Street. In my defence I would like to say that I did put a lump of coal on the fire for Christmas Day and everyone knows that if you get jumpers and scarves for Christmas you have to wear them immediately! Or is that just us?

Friday, 8 January 2010


Early in December when I was looking for quotes for my Christmas Journal I came across the following by J B Priestley. I thought it was lovely....

The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?

I don't know about you but quite frankly I'm more than a little tired of the white stuff now and fed up of shuffling along like a Japanese geisha. Obviously I don't look like a Japanese geisha as I've been wearing my black rubber boots and an anorak for days. With a pair of trousers I hasten to add in case you're worrying there's nothing in between! Oh for some glamour - a pair of heels and a dress. Anyway, I'm not waxing lyrical about snow any more. Instead I'm liking the following better:

In the town of The Pas, Manitoba
It snows on the first of Octoba
From then, for six months,
It thaws only once
And never when I am quite soba.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Dear Reader

Thank you all for your lovely comments which I've really enjoyed reading. I'm so lucky to have such smashing followers. There might not be many but I wouldn't swop any of you for all the world. Well perhaps for Brad Pitt I might swop one of you lol It might inspire a film - Annie's Choice! - but let's face it that's not going to happen is it so you're all safe!

On 'names to call Maurice' I'm grateful for all the suggestions but there's still nothing that really fits the bill for our relationship. I think best suggestion is 'squeeze' but I shan't be taking that literally as he did eat a lot over christmas and I don't think my arms will go all the way round him now!

I was interested to read that Helena is blogging, not only for crafting, but as an 'heirloom' to pass down to her girls. I hadn't thought about that aspect of blogging but how cool to have not only to have someone's personal thoughts and experiences but also photos and I guess videos. Let's not get carried away though still not got to grips with the slideshow!!

Nothing crafty to report today although I have tried some silk painting tonight. Not bad for a first attempt but think I can do better! Will post something soon.

So something else tonight. Yes, this is the Ronnie Corbett of blogs but I get to the point eventually! Some of you may know of Helen Fospero? She's originally from Grimsby - her dad was Deputy Editor of the Grimsby Telegraph for many years and her first job at 14 was tea girl at the paper. She's now on GMTV in the mornings. Anyhow I got to know her through my job. As well as her day job she and a friend have a website which gives you discounts at many online shops, spas, restaurants, etc. Most are London based and I have to say expensive. But there are discounts at 'Send A Thought' and 'Biscuiteers', both of which I've used and I think are cool for special thank you's and gifts. Anyway, she's sent me the link for friends interested in shopping to join the site for free (I think there is usually an annual fee). I don't think I have any friends who are not interested in shopping so if you want to take a look, see how the other half live and what's cool and trendy in London at the moment try the following: I'm told it will give you free access to the site and to all the discounts available. The site was recently featured in YOU Magazine and 4000 people joined as a result. The power of the media eh! I've always said though that in business an ounce of editorial is worth a pound of advertising! Hope no one from the Telegraph's advertising department reads this!!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Birthday Card 1 and 2

Last night I got home from work early, turned up the heating, put the fire on, cooked some 'Be Good To Yourself' filled Yorkshire Puddings (how on earth can Yorkshire puddings be good for you - though if M & S tell me they are then who am I to argue), put my two sizes too big slippers on (bad buy in last year's sale) along with another layer of jumper, made a cup of tea and settled down to a bit of crafting. Wasn't really sure what I wanted to make but needed a card for Maurice's mum's birthday. If I was younger I'd call Maurice my boyfriend but that sounds ridiculous at my age. Suggestions on what to call him welcomed! Anyway, these two cards are the result. The first one took me ages and the second minutes as it's virtuallyl the same lol. I took the inspiration from the Christmas Journal l did at RWS.... just loved the big fabric folded flower. The tag means you can put a nice (or rude) hidden message on the card depending on who it's for. Fingers xd Sanda (Maurice's mum) likes hers!

A Co-Ordinating Project!

Hi again reader

Here's my other altered art project. It's a mirror kindly given to me by Barbara. Thanks B. I thought I'd 'alter' it to match my fairy house. Doesn't everyone have a mirror to match their fairyhouse? Well if they don't they should! I used the same paper (Bo Bunny) and embellishments (Boyes!), apart from the flowers which are courtesy of Tracey Running With Scissors (from here on in known as RWS). Thanks Tracey x - they are really lovely quality.

Is it a Bird House? No it's a Fairy House

Hello again readers

Here's one of the altered art projects I promised. It's a blue tit (aren't everyone's in this cold weather lol) box made into a fairy's house. Well I never promised it was going to be useful. Unless of course you happen to know any fairies looking for a new crib and a pair of second hand boots! It was given to me by a very kind and encouraging friend, Tracey of Running with Scissors fame, who said to 'alter it'. I looked at it in horror having never given a moment's thought on how I'd 'alter' a blue tit box if someone happened to give me one. But over Christmas I got to thinking about it, got out some paper and bits and bobs from my stash and this is the result. I wanted it to be subtle. I can hear you thinking - a subtle fairy house, what is this woman on! What I really mean is I wanted something that I could display that wouldn't 'jump' out on you. I don't think I'm making myself very clear so I'll just show you my box lol........ I was quite pleased with it as a first altered art project but I don't think it has commercial possibilities!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Dear Reader

This is my first ever post on my first ever blog! Wow! Hello 21st Century - yes I know I'm ten years late but I don't like to rush into these things lol. Hope there's someone out there and I get a couple of followers or I'm going to feel pretty silly. I'm starting the blog to share stuff with my crafting friends but if anyone else I know stops by please leave a comment. If no one stops by I shall treat the blog as my 21st Century Diary!

I thought it was fitting to start a new blog at the start of a new year, in fact as it turns out, decade. I've no New Year resolutions to speak of - I always fail dismally - so there's little point in promising myself to do my ironing before it spills out the basket, get a better grip on my finances (opening my bank statements would be a good start) or cook more healthy meals. I can wager that I'll still be throwing anything with a bank stamp on it to one side as I run up the stairs to iron an outfit 5 minutes before I should leave the house having given no thought as to what I'll eat when I get home 9 hours later! But I am going to try and enjoy every day that comes along, Perhaps a tall order if I'm due at the dentists but that's the plan....

I've done a couple of altered art projects over Christmas and will put them on here as soon as I manage decent photos and the uploading technology. But for now, Happy New Year and be back soon.......