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Saturday, 11 December 2010


Dear Reader

Here's my take on another Laura Dennison design from her 'Days of Christmas' series. It's a Christmas card holder although I'm thinking of using it as a general letter holder too over the Christmas period and putting it in the hallway. I don't know about anyone else but mail arrives at Christmas and I don't know where to put it. My usual shelf has a garland on it and I don't want to spoil the look with a pile of bills!

It was very quick to make and all you need is three sheets of double-sided 12 x 12 paper (mine were from the K & Co Secret Santa pad - you get three sheets the same in there which was handy as I wanted to keep the same pattern as they are fairly busy designs) , a bit of chipboard to strengthen and three punched borders (mine are punched with the Martha Stewart embossed snowflake punch). A spot of eyeletting, a couple of metres of ribbon and voila! you have your finished project. Just embellish to taste. I actuallycuttlebugged MERRY XMAS 1 & ALL but it wouldn't fit!! ho ho ho So I just used XMAS and some pretty snowflakes punched with Tracey's punch (thanks Tracey) and decorated with a bit of bling. Now I just need some cards and post to fill the pockets.....

Day 11
Prompt: Things. What are 11 things your life doesn't need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?
Ooooh I love a list. Right, I'm going to do this one as a 'stream of consciousness', i.e. whatever comes into my head I'll put down in the order it comes in and I'm going to do it based on actual objects.
1. The huge gilt mirror and giant rug in the garage (+ 90% of the other clutter in there)
2. Odd socks
3. Grey socks (i.e. black socks that have seen better days. I haven't just suddenly taken a dislike to the colour grey lol)
4. Holey socks (yes, the sock situation is getting out of hand)
5. Crisps (such a weakness)
6. Paper bills - I'm switching everything to online - but just thought then I won't need my letter holder above. Ooh! Dilemma.
7. So much craft stash. Must stick to projects that use stuff up
8. My kitchen floor. Driving me mad - desperately need a new one.
9. My labour-intensive garden that looks lovely in June and July but needs so much work
10. Butter. Hate to see it go but it's such a weakness and so fattening!
11. Sticky nail varnishes in my nail varnish collection. Why have I kept them? I just like the colours and thinking I have a good choice when actually I don't!
Hmmm that was interesting. For me but probably not for you lol. All do-able stuff without too much effort. How will it change my life? Not in any great way but might get rid of those guilty niggles that pop into your head every time you open the sock drawer and it's always an odd, grey or holey sock that seems to be looking at you and instead of doing something about it you just push it under the pile until you find one of its brothers that is black, new and worthy of spending the day on your foot!


  1. I will be giggling about this everytime I put Paul's socks away! See we all do it!!!!!! x

  2. Oh I had a quickie look at the card holder and thought it was pretty cool, I like your version, very traditionally christmassy, think I might not be able to resist giving that one a whirl. Had to laugh at the socks taking up three places Anne, I have the same dilemma, with three children and two adults all wearing black socks in our house colour matching is never an issue but size is, I just put them all in a pile and tell AJ it is a new game, want me to send him round to yours ?. I mist admit nearly all the items on your list should also be on mine, especially butter and crisps, good luck !